Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Life

I have started my 3rd year of Project Life.  It is going to be a lot of fun.  I really like the addition of the Creative Team and have already got a few ideas from some of them.
My favorite ideas are two apps they recommended:

Postal Pix - which will print the photos on your phone, even the 4x4 instagram photos!
Frametastic - which will let you make a collage of your photos that you can then print from Postal Pix!

Very fun, very easy, great quality - a good option for those of us who aren't savvy Adobe Photoshop users!

 Chick-fil-a's Tuesday Family Night Fun!

Words With Friends - my little addiction!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Deep Thoughts

I remember when Ben was about Sam's age and he made a rocket ship to get to Jesus, I took a picture and it is tucked away in his scrapbook.  Now that Sam is in that phase I am going to type the things he says here ... so someday I will be able to tell him what he was like at age 5.

A little conversation about the 2nd coming with Sam on our way home from the gym (so random):

Where does Jesus live?


How far away is that ... up to the clouds or high in the air?

I am not sure.

I wonder how Jesus will get down here?

What do you mean?

You know when we are all 'died' and he comes.


I wonder if he will parachute ... and then land on a mattress ... or maybe he will jump and the whole tristate area (yes, he is a Phineas and Ferb Fan!) will be covered with mattresses for him to land on!  Probably that.

You think?  ... Maybe he will float down.

Mom, it isn't space.

Well, I mean float down like an angel.

Mom!  Angels have wings!  They fly!

OK ... Mattresses it is :)

A little later, I showed him this picture ... and he liked it ... I think it looks a little better than free falling onto mattresses - lol!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Words

This is year the word I am choosing is:


Appearing every day

This word is an invitation to exercise, eat healthy, read scriptures, pray, breath and enjoy.

I hope it gently prompts me to meet the goals I have set for 2012. 
I also signed up for Ali Edward's class (see side bar), and will be making a book over the year to follow my journey with this word.

Steve joined me in picking a word ... he chose is:
"do or do not, there is no try." 
- yoda

I made him the first part of Ali's class and it is now his iphone screen saver so that he keeps it in mind all the time.

Monday, January 9, 2012


So here is my conversation with Sam as I picked him up from preschool today:

"Hi Sambo!  How was preschool today?"

"Good, I went on a date with Bailey - a 'fake' date"

"A date ... you are a little young ... what did you do on your date?"

"We went to Paris!"

"Hmm ... Paris (thinking to myself what does he know about Paris!)"

"Not the real Paris where you would have to fly ... just Paris."

"OK what did you do in Paris?"

"Just slides, and walked and climbed ..."

(Laughing in my head, where does he come up with this stuff?)

Visiting Friends

We had the best time spending time with our friends the LaPrays!  We miss having them in Roseville, so it was nice to meet them for dinner and then hang out at their place.  The kids played with the dogs, watched videos and played xbox!  The new Mr. and Mrs. Walter's joined us for cards and carrying on - FUN!  Somebody even got a quick nap ;)!!  We love and miss them!

 Huge Cali and tiny tide :)

Guess who cheated :)

I swear he has Narcolepsy, 
Ashley came to the rescue with a 5 hour energy drink for him so we could play cards.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happy New Year!

even though quite a few of us had come down with the flu bug we still managed to make some noise for the new year and play are annual bingo game before we called it a night!


Merry Christmas!

We had the most wonderful Christmas!  Here are a few of the highlights ...

grandma's traditional coordinating pj's for the kids 
(willard loved feeling ben's hairs)

 sam reacted with happiness and excitement ever single time!
(i love this age!)
 his HUGE stack
one of his favorite gifts was this rc monster truck!

 a whole bunch of lush bath bombs from her brothers :)
 an i-pod - exactly what she wanted! shrieks of joy!!
she love, love, loves it!

the older this boy gets the harder it is to please him ...
in fact since his gifts were more expensive his stocking was stuffed with crackers and candy ... he had looked at it first thing and declared it "weak!"  Dude ... where is the $ tree?

when he opened this box (entirely covered in packing tape, by santa, he he he) he was so surprised!
he didn't think he had a chance of getting the very thing on his list!

happily listening to music with the new (expensive) headphones

 trying to hide from my picture taking ...  i don't know if santa will even visit him next year! we will have to see if santa can forgive :)

 Steve and Clark surprised their own selves with snowshoes and then had no snow to go do their thing :( maybe next year.
Steve and the kids surprised me with a bose ipod speakers and a red polaroid instant camera! FUN!

We also had a few fun surprises for Grandma and Grandpa

 a handmade cutting board crafted by ben in woodshop this year

updated handprints of all the grandkids!


Sugden Family Christmas
(the next day)

the clan
(Gevan and Gennelyn are home from their missions and John, Katie and the kids came to town ... so we were all there!)

Geven brought ben a shirt from guatemala!

sam and ben with cute betsy