Saturday, August 25, 2012


We celebrated Sam's 6th birthday pirate style with all his best "mateys"


They dug for buried treasures ...

practiced their sword skills...

and swam with the crocodile!!

Opening presents ... definitely his favorite part :)

I think we all had fun celebrating Sam's birthday!

Exciting News

cultivate a good life by Becky Higgins Becky Higgins has announced MANY new editions of her Project Life line! I am super excited about it. I am already a FAN, so I can't wait for the new designs but specifically I have been waiting for the Childhood!! So cute and just in time for my Sambo starting Kindergarten:) Be sure to go to her blog and check out the amazing products and designs!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Girls

I just got back from our annual 
DaY GiRL ReuNioN! 
This year it was at the beautiful Solitude Resort in the mountains of Utah.
There was a lot of visiting, laughing and late nights ...

 Solitude Resort

 Me, Connie and Aimee in our "Every Damn Day Girl" T-shirts :)

Our Roommates
(Aimee, Emily, Connie, Luann, Me and Mary)
It was really fun to get to know more of our relatives - there were about 100 of us at this years reunion.

 The Bill Day Girls
So good to get caught up with these ladies and play games and discuss the book club selections!

3a telling us to "Shut Up" because the rules for dominoes are in "PRINT" - she is serious about her games and we love her.

Our frequent visitor.
He liked our chocolate licorice ... LOL!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1st Day

 Susie is a 7th grader!

 Sending Sam off to Kindergarten

 Meeting Mrs. Lunn.

 Happy to have his buddy Brody in his same class.

Reading the 'Kissing Hand'  bringing a little tear to my eye. 
I can't believe my baby and little buddy is in Kindergarten!  

In a Blink

This summer has flown by especially fast
It seems that it passed by
iN a BLiNK!

First off were SWiM LeSSoNS!
Where it was confirmed that the Sugden kids are fish!

Next was Susie's big DaNCe SHoW!

It was spectacular!

Then we packed our bags and headed to UTaH!

One of the first things on the the to do list there was to drop Ben and his friend off at BYU for a week at EFy!

While Ben was there we had a summer BooK CLuB with our Allred Cousins.  
Each kid shared a book or two that they had been reading.  Super fun!

Then Susie and I did a little school SHoPPiNG!

These girls LoVe FoReVeR 21!

On July 4th we headed down to LaKe PoWeLL for a week.

While we were doing this Steve was in LouiSaNNa with the army practicing war games.

When Steve got home it was time for Ben and him to head of on their HiGH ADVeNTuRE TRiP.
It was a 60+ mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail.


TeaM 863

and finally, on the last week of Summer Vacation Susie attended GiRLS CaMP with our Stake at Treasure Mountain.  She LoVeD, LoVeD, LoVeD it!!  She made lots of new friends had had some really great experience.

 PoLaR BeaR SWiM

RoSeViLLe 5th WaRD YW + Leaders