Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catching Up

We have been hanging out at home lately due to Sam's cold + asthma. This, along with the rain, does not make Sam happy because he misses riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline. He misses it so much that he tries for just a minute and comes in coughing and needing a breathing treatment. So our days are l o n g as we try to find calm things to do inside! So imagine how very excited we were to get a box in the mail from J.J. with a double DVD of a Monster Jam. We have already watched it many times!
( of course we have been having a stow-a-way in our bed lately )
Before that our YW (how cute are they?) had New Beginnings for which I made them washer necklaces.
We also kicked off our site sales for Girl Scout Cookies. FUN Times!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17

15 Gerber Daisy's for our 15th Anniversary!
To commemorate our big day we thought we would post 15 of our favorite memories (big and little) from our 15 years together!
1. Our wedding day at the Bountiful, UT Temple.
2. Getting lost near Temple Mountain (near Goblin Valley Monument Park, UT) while mountain biking and being rescued by a local rancher.
3. Buying our first home - aka "The Pink House" - and fixing it up.
4. The birth of each of our children.
5. Working as a nurse in the NICU while Steve went to Medical School. 6. Family trips to DisneyLand, Cannon Beach, Monterey, San Diego, Puerto Rico, Lake Powell ...
7. Steve graduating from University of Utah Medical School.
8. Moving to CA for residency ... a staying so long.
9. Kauai ... amazing!
10. Late night chats about the kids.
11. Traveling over the Sierra's every year for Christmas.
12. Friends along the way.
13. Steve having 2 embolism events.
14.. Supporting each other with our church callings.
and finally our newest favorite
15. Lunch dates + Sambo
... and, of course, loving each other along the way!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

River Ride

Can you believe that it is warm enough here to go on a boat ride?
Well it is ... so we did!
Taking a boat ride down the Sacramento River and then docking to eat at Chevey's is one of our family's new favorite things!

Little Update

A couple of weekends ago Susie, Sam and I flew to Utah for a quick visit. Our main reason was to go to Bethany's baptism. We are proud of her ... she is darling, strong and spunky and we love her!
As it turned out we got to do a couple of other fun things too!
My mom, sister and I went to Time Out For Women and it was fabulous! It was fun to have 'girl time' (Grandpa, Jayme, and Uncle Clark took care of the kids for nice) and be able to listen to all the great presenters.
While we were doing that Grandpa took Susie and Sam snowmobiling. Sam has been wanting to do this ever since he watched the X-Games. He loves all these crazy sports, but in real life some of them are a little noisy ... but he still loved it and Susie did too!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Countdown Kisses

Every year Auntie Aimee sends the kids a chain of 14 hershey kisses to count down the days to VaLeNTiNeS ... such a cute and fun tradition ... the kids are always excited to get her package.
This year Sam said, "I had that last time!" Yep! you did cuz' you have such a great Auntie!