Friday, September 20, 2013

General Conference Printable

I love watching General Conference and reading the talks in the Ensign when they come out - and it is always a little better with a cute notebook and a few treats :)

This month I wanted to take a little something to do with General Conference to the ladies I visit teach.  I found several cute ideas online but I couldn't download and print either one.  So I created my own (with my Rhonna Design App) based on the one I saw here ...

I folded the top part in half and made a tag to tie on the bag and then I glued the other part onto these plain notebooks that I found in a 3 pack at WalMart.   So simple!

click here and here to download

 jpeg here

jpeg here


Last week the WHS Varsity Soccer Team played in the Inderkum Soccer Tournament - for a total of 6 games.  They played well and won the whole thing - not without some drama involving bad calls and red cards! 
On a side note:  With so many games in a row Ben's knee is bothering him again - so that means wearing a brace during the games and adding in a PT regime.  We are hoping that he can continue to strengthen his ACL so he can enjoy this game he loves!

In action!

 celebrating making a goal!

Monday, September 9, 2013

1st Game

Saturday was Sam's first soccer game of the season.  They have a fun group of boys on the team and they were excited for game time.  Even though they don't keep score at this level - the boys do, and Sam says the score was 7-0!  He scored 2 of the goals and got to play goalie as well.

 {the boys love the spiderman goalie shirt}

We even recruited a referee we know to call the game ;)

Getting Ready

There is a whole process that goes on when it is time for Sam to get ready for soccer ... he may or may not have learned some of this from Ben ;)

1.  A giant jug filled with ice and orange gatorade
2.  Folding the socks over, just so
3.  Taping his shin guards in place - like the big boys do ;)
4.  Puffs from his different inhalers to control his asthma
5.  Get ting the laces exactly even on those fluorescent orange soccer cleats!

Cross Country

This year Susie is stepping out of her comfort zone and trying a few new things.  One of those things was joining the Cross Country Team.  Running isn't something she loves but she went for it anyway.
Thursday was her first meet and she was a bit nervous ... but she did it!  Such a great accomplishment and I was so proud of her!

{She has Katie on the team to cheer her on - BFF's are the best}

A glimpse of normal

{screenshot from iCalendar}

The next few months are a scheduling madness for us!  We sit down each Sunday and discuss the week and who is going where and how - and then I make a color coded calendar that we post on the fridge.   It turns out that all 3 kids have things to do at 4:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday.  Ben has soccer practice or games Monday-Friday.  Susie is running cross country this year and practices Monday - Thursday with meets on either Tuesday or Thursday.  Sam is doing Gymnastics on Monday and Friday and Soccer on Tuesday and Thursday (Steve is coaching his team) with games on Saturday.  And then we have to squeeze in Girl Scouts, YM/YW and the occasional orthodontist/dentist/doctor visits.

It feels crazy and busy ... the one thing saving us this year is having Ben be able to drive himself to his stuff, although that means that we will not be seeing all of his soccer games :(

Hopefully we can keep all this going for the next few months!