Thursday, March 21, 2013


Miss Susie-Q turned 13 today!

She is celebrating her big day with some of her friends.

They started off at the mall for a scavenger hunt and dinner,

then back to the house to celebrate more ...

open gifts ...

snack ...

and dance!
*love how Sam is always a part of the action ;)

Now they are giggling and talking in the hot tub ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Our weekend

In our life, lots of weekends are spent at soccer games and tournaments.  This past weekend we were in the Bay area and here are a few pictures that are typical of a tournament weekend.

This and This x 4 games

The "go to" corner kick guy!

Susie "watching" the games

Dirty Toes
These feet run and play the entire day ... 
his mouth doesn't stop moving ... 
and his eyes and ears take in everything!

The minute the half-time whistle blows Sam and the other kids dash onto the field to take their own shots.

Cleats held together by tape to make it through the weekend.

*Not pictured:
Feeding hungry soccer players.  
(Think large pizzas, double doubles from In n' Out, plates of ribs, etc.)
Bad refs
Yelling as a result of the previously mentioned bad refs ;)
and of course ...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Selling Girl Scout Cookies

The girls made up lyrics to the Pitch Perfect Cup Song to perform at our site sales this year.  Pretty cool idea ... so I video taped it and posted it to youtube (they so loved that!) 

We were in a rough area, so I am not sure if we got too many extra sales, but the girls had fun and that is what counts :)

Here Susie is in action ... kind of like a street performer :)