Saturday, June 7, 2014

Deployment Notes

2.13.14 |  Steve completed the "German Allied Forces Proficiency Badge" earning a Silver Medal (he was missed gold by one shot).

3.30.14  |  Steve took the final portion of his medical boards - which we later found out he passed!

4.2.14 |  A shooting spree occurred at several locations at Fort Hood.  The entire base was on lock down for hours until the situation was under control and we were thankful to be able to have phone calls from Steve throughout and relieved he was safe.

4.18.14  |  Steve sent me 30 Tulips saying we only had 30 more days to go! So sweet - we were both worn out and we finally got a definite end date!

4.23.14  |  A quick helicopter trip to assess a patient at a different location.

5.5.14  |  Steve was asked by his unit at Fort Hood to attend the Army Air Assault School for the final weeks of his deployment.  This is a 10 day course of rigorous training that qualifies soldiers to conduct airmobile and air assault helicopter operations, to include aircraft orientation, slingload operations, proper rappelling techniques and fast rope techniques.  He was bruised and battered from the training - but totally up for the challenge!  

 Steve's Helmet - Showing how they checked 

 Repelling Tower
The end goal
(although it was too windy to actually repel out of helicopter on the day they had planned)

After a grueling 10 days - the final piece was a "rucksack march" - this was a 12 mile hike in full gear with a 40 lb pack.

@ mile 11 Steve collapsed and medics had to come in to get him - I think it is absolutely amazing he accomplished as much as he did.  Go Steve, GO!

5.16.14  |  Home at last!


This past April Ben celebrate turned 17!  I really can not believe how fast my kids are growing up.   We sure do love him!
Since his birthday is on April Fool's Day my Mom had big plans for a prank and it involved TIN FOIL!   Very funny - although Sambo wanted no part of it because he knew Ben would be mad!  and he was because he didn't think he would get a parking spot (what!?!) ... a bit of a poor sport, I almost had to cancel his birthday - instead I covered wrapped all of his presents in tin foil!

By the time he got home from school he had chilled out and thought it was a little funny so my Mom and I took him to lunch to celebrate ... and later we let him open presents :)


This past March Susie celebrated her 14th Birthday!  It's hard to believe it's been 14 years since we brought her home from the hospital.  We love her so much!  To celebrate she skipped school and my Mom and I took her to get pedicures, go to lunch and shop - Steve even surprised her with a flower delivery!

She got a suitcase and a few other things she needed for her big trip to Washington DC/ NYC!

Sprinkles of Life

I have fallen behind on blogging - partly since my family is on instagram and we can stay connected that way and partly because Steve was deployed and I was spread too thin.
So I have questioned if I should try to catch up - or just start from here and now ...  maybe I will just sprinkle a little of each.  I still like to blog for several reasons:

1.  Each year upload and print it through blogtoprint and waalaa ... our year is documented!
2.  It is a way to stay connected with family.
3.  I use the posts as reference for scrapbooking - or I will when I start to catch the kids books back up :)

So sprinkles of life it is!