Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Happy Birthday, Susie! 

Our baby girl turned 12 today
and so we compiled a top 12 list in her honor!

1. She is beautiful
2. She is sweet
3. She is the best helper
4. She bubbles with excitement
5. She works hard at school
6. She loves shopping
7. She loves nail polish, manicures and pedicures
8. She is always dancing and singing along to her music
9. She is a good friend
10.  She is a super sister 
(Sam loves when she takes him on bike rides, jumps on the trampoline with him, gives him baths with her special bath fizzes from lush, and lets him have sleepovers with her!)
11. She loves being with her family
12. She is a wonderful daughter

We love her very, very much!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time is Flying

For the past month or so we have been pretty busy ... and so my blog posts have been non-exsistant.  Anyway here is a little update to catch us up.

Girl Scout Service Project
Planting Rose Bushes at a local park

Helping at a Girl Scout event

Many Girl Scout Cookie Site Sales!

Sam's T-ball Practices and his first big Game!

[scooping up the ball from the pitcher position]

Celebrating Birthdays
Ben's 15 - Susie's 12 - Sambo is 5 1/2 ;)

100 Dollar Bills!!
The plan was a day out with Grandma and Mom to shop for the things they wanted.

[In case you can't recognize it ... this is a happy teenager face!]

Susie Shopping Haul - She loves Forever XXI and how far her dollar goes there :)  

We spent the day at all her favorite stores:  Ulta, H&M, Forever XXI, Lush, and Macy's.

Ben's Shopping Spree lasted about an hour.  In and out of Macy's, The Foot Locker and Game Stop.  Money Spent!  He could not believe how long it took Susie to spend the same amount of $$ :)

Little Fashionista

Soccer Games
This one was in the pouring rain ... sheets and sheets of rain beating down with some wind mixed in!
So Cold!
But we braved it and watched Ben score the teams 2 points, Yeah!!

[It is a little tricky taking pictures in this kind of weather - but the iphone came through for me]

#1 Fan - Sam

My Mom has been with us for 2 weeks and we have had fun being together working on a few things in the midst of all the kid activities :  Our "One Little Word" project with Ali Edwards, catching up on my Project Life Album,  planning a year of homemaking activities to get her set up for her new calling and making cranberries [she did that, and I ironed:) - but I did get a sieve and the recipe, so maybe someday I can make my own cranberries]!!