Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dance Recital

Tonight was Susie's dance recital at NCDC.  She is in the Musical Theater class and love, love, LOVES it!!  We all had a fun time watching her performance. 

(No pictures or videos allowed during the performance, so we only have a few shots to post)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Number #1

Ben is home from his Soccer Camp - Greg Thompson's The Edge Soccer Camp held in Wisconsin.
The #1 reason we know this is the amount of sweaty, stinky laundry I am now doing ...

{ex. 1}

{ex. 2}
The #2 reason we know this is his appearances in the kitchen rummaging for food :) {mostly for pizza}

The #3 reason we know this is because the x-box is back on!

Over 350 kids attended this camp and his team won the CHaMPoNSHiP!! - We are glad he was able to have fun and work hard and enjoy this experience!
It's nice to have him back home even if all he wants to do is VEG :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

100 Miles

This year Steve planned a 100 Mile Canoe Trip for the Varsity Scout Adventure!
After months of planning, reserving camp sites, submitting tour plans to the county sheriffs along the way, many hours of canoe training, lots of grocery and gear shopping, canoe gathering, trailer building, pre-cooking food ... the event went off without a hitch!  HUGE sigh of relief on my part!
(Couldn't have done it without the help of my dad and brother - Thanks)

 Quinn and Zach
 Tanner and Ben
 Steve and Bishop Brown
 Clark and Ethan

 They're off!

 Burned Legs
 Ron's coveted chair
The trailer Clark and Steve engineered

They did it - 100 miles!!

A Stay-Cation

While the boys were off on their canoe adventure we had a my Mom join us for a 'stay-cation'.  I hired the cutest babysitter (and helped her with her college fund) to play with the kids every afternoon - she did stuff like go to the park, go on a picnic, bounce on the trampoline, swim, color and play games.  

While the kids were entertained my Mom and I scrapbooked - Hooray!  

{ 82 pages completed }

In the evenings we went out to eat (so we didn't have to spend time cooking and cleaning up) and then out to do a little shopping (Susie introduced us to LUSH at our mall - bath and body yumminess) or back to the house to swim with the kids.  So fun and relaxing.  Just what I needed.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hoping to check these off

make ice cream
swim parties
go boating
go to six flags
sleep in
dance show
canoe trip
go to utah
soccer camp
go to the park
play with friends
go to the beach
eat popsicles
visit cousins
go to a museum
celebrate birthdays
make a garden stone
U2 concert
make icee's
go to sunsplash
back to school shopping

Here is a list all the things The Sugden Five would like to do this summer!  It's a little ambitious so maybe at the end of summer I'll repost what we actually did ;)

We started off summer break yesterday with a swim party for Susie and her friends (+ Sam) 
... let the FUN begin!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Graduates

that's right ... our family had 3 graduates this year!!!

one from pre-school

one from fifth grade

and one from eighth grade!

It has been non-stop celebrating from a class trip to six flags to parties, cememonies and yearbook signing.  FUN for them, but it makes me a little sad because it reminds me how fast they are all growing up!