Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homecoming 2014

A few pictures of Ben and Susie's Homecoming this year.

Susie went with a group of girl friends.  They had a fun photo shoot before heading to dinner at BJ's and then the dance.  It was a little crazy finding the perfect dress (that was also modest) and then the perfect shoes, the perfect jewelry, the perfect clutch, the perfect make-up ... just a little more intense than my past experiences with Ben going to homecoming ;)  In the end she looked beautiful and had a pretty nice time (although the actual dance was questionable)!

Ben asked this darling girl - Brinn!

Then he simply found out what she was wearing and we ordered suspenders and a bow tiew online - done!  They went with a group of friends to dinner first and then to the dance (where they lasted maybe 45 min.)  Then they decided to come to our house for ice cream before heading out to watch The Maze Runner!

So much different than how we did things back in my day - but all in all everyone seemed to have a fun experience.

It's Great to be 8!

Sam turned 8 this year!

It was extra special to watch Ben baptize Sam ...
a brother-brother moment I know they will never forget.

 He was so happy to be surrounded with friends and family on this special occasion.
Afterwards we came back to our house for lunch and swim party!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lake Powell 2014

This year at Lake Powell we ...

 camped at Hansen Creek ...

celebrated Willard's 5th Birthday!

 boated and learned to drive the jet ski's...

 had lots of water fights ...
 caught lizards ...

 worked on Cub Scouts with grandpa ...
 watched the Harry Potter movies ...

took lots of pictures ...

and had so much fun being with family!

Girls Camp 2014

at Treasure Mountain

Day 1:  To rescue like the Savior, your mission today is to be humble.

Leaders and 6th year YCL's arrive and set up camp.  Later the YCL did Challenge Course activities and night zip-lining.


(The fearless Stake Camp Leaders:  Debbie, Lynette and Me)

Day 2:  To rescue like the Savior, your mission today is to be kind.
Wards arrived at camp and settled in.  In the evening we had leader skits.  Ours was a spoof on Jimmy Fallon's "eww" skit - going over some of the important rules at camp.  Too funny!

Day 3:  To rescue like the Savior, your mission today is to be of service.
Today was our rotations to Challenge Course, Humanitarian Project, and Certification.

(The trust fall)

(The Merry-Go-Round)

 (A few of the Humanitarian Projects - fleece blankets and painted tote bags)

In the middle of the day a huge storm rolled in, the rain poured down and we had lots of thunder and lightning.  Lightning was actually striking trees in camp so the girls had to be in "lock down" and remain in their yurts or the pavilion.  Needless to say half of the days activities were canceled.

(lightning struck this tree and bark burned off going down the tree in a spiral)

Day 4:  To rescue like the Savior, your mission today is to have courage.
Today was hike day for all the levels.  Here is a picture of Susie's level 3 hike.  We were so thankful the rain stopped long enough for each group to do their hike - as the last group was returning the rain started up again!

 (Lynette and I having a little meeting in the privacy of the freezer!)

Day 4:  To rescue like the Savior, your mission today is to be a good listener.
Today was Especially For Camp - we had three speakers and the girls rotated by levels to each one.  Our topics were:  Don't Do Dumb Things With Your Smart Phone,  How to Rescue, and Choosing Happiness.  In the evening it was Bishop's Night and Ward Testimony Meeting - always one of the best nights at camp!

(Roseville 5th Ward S.W.A.T. team)

Day 5:  To rescue like the Savior, your mission today is be selfless.
Today we had our closing ceremony and then the wards did capers and packed up to head home!

P.S. My favorite part of camp was hanging out with this girl!