Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deployment Notes

1.11.14 |  Steve set off in his Expedition for a deployment to Fort Hood in Texas.  We have been getting things in order for this for a few months and the now time has come!  Hopefully we are ready for the long haul.

1.12.14 |  Steve's home away from home - a Holiday Inn room.

1.15.14 |  Steve is still able to with homework via a phone call and FaceTime.

1.17.14 |  Getting up early has probably been the hardest adjustment for me ... definitely still not a morning person.

1.20.14 |  We stopped by Build-a-Bear to make army bears to snug with - the kids are missing having dad at home.

1.28.14 |  18 days after his departure - Steve was finally certified to be a doctor on the base!!  I guess that is what "Army Time" looks like.  This means the days actually start to count towards the '90 days' now.   The inefficiency has caused me a lot of frustration and anxiety about how things are going to work out.  On the bright side Connie is here helping us out - and we have gotten into a pretty good routine so hopefully now I can calm down a little.


What we did to celebrate the New year ...

watched the ball drop in Times Square
played games
taught Ben and Susie how to play 'Hand and Foot'
drank sparkling cider
made lots of noise
and exploded confetti poppers!

Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve we tracked Santa's progress with a fun app, and set our cookies and a carrot for him and his reindeer and the kids smiled through a mom snapping pictures of them in their Christmas PJ's.

Christmas morning we woke to lots of presents under the tree!

Grandma got him "cash money" so she got a BIG hug!

 Afterwards the cousins came over and we took more pictures!

One thing that captured everyone's interest this year was the jar of money that Clark was giving to Ethan.  He has been putting change in it for 3 years!  Clark wanted us to all guess how much was in the jar ... but the kids just had to know exactly how much was in the jar.  So we dumped it all out and counted!   They had so much fun that I am thinking that jars of money sounds like good Christmas gifts for next year ;)

 Total = 239.34

Tuesday, January 14, 2014