Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Girls Camp

I recently got called to be the Assistant Stake Camp Director - so exciting!  I loved going to camp when I was in mutual, and Susie loved going for the first time last year.  The ladies I am working with are awesome!  So I am ready for this adventure.

I am now busily searching pinterest, blogs, and everywhere else for inspiration and fun ideas.

Our theme is...
Aim High
It is based on a conference talk given by Henry B. Eyring titled "Help Them Aim High" and also a talk by Thomas S. Monson titled "Pathways to Perfection".

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Hopefully, when all is said and done, I can post what we ended up doing and how it all worked - so that I can add to the 'pool' of ideas out there.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Night Owl Adventure

Saturday I planned an adventure so that my Girl Scouts could earn the 'Night Owl Badge'.  
Susie has been wanting this ever since she saw the cute badge ;)

First we headed to the Discovery Science Center for a tour and planetarium tour.  I have never been there and it was great.  We had an awesome lady doing the star show and she included a cool video of what life is like on the International Space Station.  You can find it and other cool space stuff here.

Our tag along Sam pretending to be a rocket ship!

Afterwards we went to dinner and then headed back to my house to do some of the other requirements, make some cute owls, play games, eat snacks and hot tub.  

The plan was to have some fun until it was time to head over to Walmart to see what it looks like during the night shift.  To make that a little more fun the girls went on a scavenger hunt, finding things like ... a closed lane sign, a pallet, workers stocking shelves, a wet floor sign, etc.

We all had a very fun day + night!

Monday, January 14, 2013

One Little Word

I am excited to be participating in Ali Edward's Class "One Little Word".  My mom and I did this last year and it was so meaningful.
Last year my word was 'DAILY' - and I found that it refocused me on the little things that I wanted to be doing each day.

This year I will continue this daily journey with the word 'AIM'.

Aim high.
Aim to learn.
Aim to teach.
Aim to exercise.
Aim to document.
Aim to nurture.
Aim for intentionality.