Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

Some of our Halloween fun!

Susie dressed up as a "Fallen Angel"
{with crimped hair and lots of makeup!}
 Sam and Gus as Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Ben's M.I.A. because he's too old for such silliness! - but he did play in a Pumpkin Soccer Tournament this weekend in Davis - that's as festive as it gets!

Pumpkin Pancakes with assistant chef Bethany

Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Guts!

Our Creepy Jack-o-Lantern

Auntie Aimee's Fun Halloween Dinner Menu

Getting ready to go Trick or Treating {in the rain}

Sam as Buzz Lightyear with Punkin as Woody, J.J. as Toad (Mario Kart), Bethany as a Mermaid, Marcee as Annie, and Willard as Curious George with his Daddy as The Man with the Yellow Hat.

At home in Roseville on Halloween they went Trunk or Treating at the Ward

and Ben carved this puking pumpkin!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch

What is Fall without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch?

Feeding Goats
3 Little Pigs
Train Rides
Apple Cider
Picking Pumpkins
Carmel Apples

{Sam had a great time on his preschool field trip yesterday!}

"The Level of Sweetness"

Sam and Brody are such good buddies.
They go to school together and love lots of the same things ... so they always have fun playing together.
The other day they played at our house for about an hour.
Trains...Monster Trucks...Videos...Basketball...Car Jumps...
They were mostly outside looking like such "sweet" boys, having such a good time together!

a little while later ...  I went upstairs and found this ....

[I knew I was in for a surprise when Sam tried to block me from going upstairs - lol.  Honestly, they were only upstairs for a few minutes.]

We didn't have time to clean it up right then because we were off to pick-up from school and go to Ben's Track Finals, so I told Sam he would have to help me clean it later.

When we got back from the track meet,  I was surprised with this ...

Susie had stayed home to finish her homework (and stay out of the heat and dust) and she also cleaned up Sam's room, unloaded the dishwasher, set the table, and started making dinner.
As I always say ...

The Level of Sweetness is High!

Sweet boys, playing and having fun together!
A Sweet girl, who is always willing to help her Mom!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Sincere Question?

A few days ago I needed to run to Target to pick up some prescriptions ...  Sam really wanted to come,  Grandma had given him a target coin and a dollar to put in his own wallet and he really wanted to spend it.  So he ran up to get it his cool wallet.
As we were driving he asks, "Does Elmo have a moos-ker?"
I glanced back to see what he could be talking about and saw this ....

He thought Elmo's mouth looked like a mustache - or as he called it  a moos-ker!  LOL.
I was laughing loving his new blended word and the cute duct tape wallet Ben had made his little brother!

Do you need a duct tape wallet? 
The holidays are coming and they are perfect with a little cash in them or a gift card ...  I'm just saying ;)  Check out Ben's etsy page by clicking on the link to the right.  We just sold one to someone in Australia!  How cool is that!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference

I am always excited about conference weekend and I am also always looking for things to keep the kids engaged and happy!  There are tons of ideas online, so I made a few tweaks and tried a few ... and I think they will be great conference traditions!  Thanks to our DVR we were able to watch all the sessions and felt truly blessed to hear the words of our prophet and leaders.

The first idea is the "conference notes" binder.  It came from all  the ideas I always find (and print) from sugardoodle.  I wanted to take the conference packets a step further and create something we could pull out and add to every conference.  We personalized each binder, which was fun, and now everyone has their notes and coloring pages in one spot.

The second idea was general conference trail mix found here -  We made it before conference and talked about the importance of listening to the talks throughout the weekend.  It was a BIG hit with the kids!

The third idea was yummy cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. My friend Patti passed along this recipe from The Pioneer Woman .  They were easy to make and got 2 thumbs up from everyone in the family!!