Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sam's 1st Elite Team Performance

It was so fun to watch these boys perform for the first time.  They have only been working on this routine for a couple of weeks ... and they did a great job and had lots of energy!

This team is something Sam (and the gym) are trying for the first time - highlighting some of the things boys can do at the gym - on the parkour/urban gym side of things - which as we know is what Sam loves!

Sam is continuing to train with the older girls gymnastic team once a week, so maybe at some point he will enter a gymnastics competition.  Last night George Hery, an acclaimed gymnast, performer and acrobatic legend, was in the gym (he frequently judges gymnastic events) and worked with Sam for about 15 min. - an impromptu private lesson.  Everybody was telling me how neat it was that he took an interest in Sam ... so we came right home to google him and watch some of his videos.  Very cool!