Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go!

First we were off the Ward Easter Breakfast and Party.  Susie and Sam had fun finding eggs and playing some of the games.  Ben ate the breakfast but is too old for the fun and games now :)

 Little Sambo {cheating} at Spoon Egg Race ;)  He'll do anything to come in 1st!

 Susie's team Winning the 3 Legged Race {without cheating}!

Easter Morning we found that the  EB had delivered Swimsuits, Squirt Guns and plenty of Sugar!  
Then we headed outside for our own Money Egg Hunt!  You can never be too old for this to be fun, but as you get older the eggs are harder to find - so much to Ben's dismay he is always the last one to find all of his eggs - and that makes it all the more FUN!

 Yeah!  MONEY $$  I think all of the kids have loved this tradition since they were babies!  Come to think of it I loved this tradition, even when I was in college :)

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011


We just got back from DiSNeYLaND and it was so much fun!
Here is a run down of everyone's FaVoRiTeS ...

Sam really LoVeD it all and was so good for the l o n g days!
He was brave enough (and tall enough) for all the FAST rides (Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, Matterhorn ...) just like the big kids!
He loved meeting the characters and getting their autographs,
and His most favorite thing was Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (California Adventure side), especially the zipline!

Susie's LoVeD California Screamin'
despite saying that "she would absolutely NOT be going on that ride!"  Six times later ... it was her FaVoRiTe!  It helped that we spent the day with some good friends, The Clark family, and she and Millie helped each other be a little brave - they even tried Tower of Terror but, not with the same success!
The other thing she had to do was get a picture with Pooh-Bear!

Ben LoVeD the FAST rides and tolerated the shows and other rides as long as his belly was full - which is really quite a challenge these days!

I loved seeing how much fun they had - especially Sam!  My Mom also turned us on to a fun thing called 'Hidden Mickey's' - we did a little searching on our last day and it was a lot of fun.

Can you see the 'Hidden Mickey' in this picture?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Our BDB (Birth-day Boy) is 14 years old today.
No Joke!
The years are flying by - it seems like he was just Sam's age ... running around chasing dinosaurs with sticks.
Now he is big, and his voice is low :)
Some things about him ... he is
(Hungry all the time!)
and we LoVe him!

Gifts = Soccer Ball, Soccer Jersey, Camping Gear, Books and $$

Happy Birthday Ben!

Another Fun Idea

Today the kids got a package fom Grandma and Auntie Aimee - Little bags of mini chocolate bars with the General Authorities pictures and names covering them.
The tag reads, "as you hear the aPoSTLeS speak, match the WRaPPeR and eat the TReaT!"

Conference is so fun these days!
The printable is found here :)