Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This past weekend my Girl Scouts and I went to the annual Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Weekend!

We kicked it off with a ferry ride from Sausalito to San Francisco.  We all took so many pictures!  The girls enjoyed dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe and shopping at Pier 39 - Susie made sure we stopped at her favorite chocolate store!

Waiting for the ferry in Sausalito

 The Golden Gate Bridge

A view of San Francisco

The newly updated Bay Bridge

Saturday we were back at Camp Bothin for all the workshops, friend time and campfire! 

 Troop 2061
(everyone loved our DIY spraypaint tie dye t-shirts)

Silly, silly, girls!

Ready for the High Ropes Course

At CSAW the leaders get put to work!  
This year I taught all 4 sessions of workshops, after 3 years I have it down and it was pretty smooth.

 Satin Flower Hair Clips

 Finger Braided Headbands

This year Susie's favorite workshops were Massage/Stress Relief and Chocolate Candy Making - Chocolate was a theme for her this weekend ;)

CSAW is always fun and something the girls look forward to all year!


Ben decided to ask someone to Homecoming - shocking!  He even participated in making the Homecoming float and went to a football game [ the American kind ;) ]...  trying new things ;)

So he got something together to ask her ...

(The poster said, "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on will you be my date to Homecoming?")

He talked Grandma into creating custom made tie so that he could match his date and tie his cool knots.

and here's the big night!

Getting caught up ...

The biggest reason I blog is show my mom, dad and family little snippets of the things we are up to - so I generally fall behind if they come for a visit because they are seeing things in real life.  But, I also blog as a type of journal for our family and then get it printed out each year (this is my 6th year!) ... so I need to get caught up on the things that have been happening around here.

Still lots of this going on ...

Susie finished up the Cross Country season...

 Champions, for like the 15th time in a row!

We've done a few Halloween things...

BOOing our friends and neighbors!

 A trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch

 Caramel Corn - YUM!
 Picking the perfect pumpkin, in the dark.

 A Girl Scout - Mummy Mash Party for Susie and her friends.

and we took the boat out one last time...

Boating along the Sacramento River and docking to eat at Chevy's is one of our favorite fall activities!

It was fun to have Grandma and Grandpa here to see and do some of these things with us :)  and we always put Grandma to work helping us sew and craft - hence the cute Halloween costume for Susie :)